Our Programs & Funds

We’ve tailored our research programs and funded projects to benefit from our core operation areas, to local area needs, and to our expertise. Hopefully, your visit to these pages indicates your interest in both conservation and philanthropy. Please take the time to read our research program and funded project synopses to find one of more that we can tailor to your liking. Our policy is to make sure donors support not only the essence of our programs but the specific focus on their impact areas. If you have suggestions of other projects and that would fit with our philosophy and goals, please let us know. We are also ready, willing, and able to work with you on tailoring your donation(s) to best suit your donor ideals. Here’s a list of our current programs and funds:

Imperial Valley Endowed Program Funds:

  1. The Migratory Bird & Bat Mitigation Fund
  2. The Alamo River Restoration and Enhancement Fund
  3. Desert Wildlife Restoration & Enhancement Fund
  4. The Imperial Valley Agriculture & Wildlife Scholarship Fund

Central Coast Endowed Program Funds:

  1. The Central Coast Agriculture & Wildlife Scholarship Fund
  2. The Central Coast Land Stewardship Fund
  3. The Central Coast Conservation Easement Fund

San Diego County Endowed Program funds:

  1. The Orphan Preserve Fund
  2. The Species of Special Concern Research Grant Fund

Our Wildlife Research Projects:

  1. Central Coast Bat Survey
  2. The Western Spadefoot Project
  3. Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Habitat Modeling