Real Estate

Our real estate services are provided by the Smith-Kandal Real Estate voted one of America’s Best Brokerages by the editors of The Land Report (2013). Smith-Kandal Real Estate is a diversified financial services company started in 1936 by S. Quay Smith. The company has continued to operate as a family owned and operated business for more than eight decades.

• Total Sales: $75 Million (2013)
• The land brokerage division has expertise in irrigated farmland
• Residential sale have averaged $10 Million annually over the past 10 years
• Smith-Kandal Real Estate/Insurance manages more than 30,000 acres of farm leases
• Smith-Kandal has brokered 10,000 acres of solar leases

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Scientific Program Management & Administration

Program management and administration are the responsibility of the Pacific Coast Conservation Alliance (The PCCA). The PCCA is a 501(c)(3) (non-profit) corporation chartered by the Internal Revenue Service in 2003 to serve the public through scientific research and conservation lands management., The PCCA has its primary office in Paso Robles (San Luis Obispo County) with Satellite offices in Brawley (Imperial County), and San Diego (San Diego County) California, In addition to its educational mission to foster knowledge and support of conservation and land preservation, PCCA provides a range of specialty services concentrating primarily in the arenas of open space and wildlife preserve design, document preparation, and management as well as design and implementation of wildlife studies.

View a more comprehensive description of The PCCA’s capabilities by reading its Statement of Qualifications (SOQ).

Scientific Program Design & Administration

Executive Director and senior biologist Bill Haas is responsible for the development of assessment and monitoring (A&M) programs for The PCCA. He possesses a rich history in the implementation and supervision of A&M programs for major studies supported by the United Sates Navy; the United States Marines; the United States Corps of Army Engineers; the California Department of Fish and Wildlife; and the California Department of Parks and Recreation as well as numerous water agencies. These studies have tapped into Bill’s rich and varied biology background that has focused especially in the areas of general vertebrate biology and natural history as well as the physiological adaptations of small vertebrates.

In order to best serve the resource and his clients, Bill is proficient in a broad range of field methods-including pitfall trapping (for reptiles, amphibians, and small mammals); mist netting (for birds & bats); ultrasound and radar-based surveys for bats; and small mammal live-trapping. He is an avid reader of technological advances, which he incorporates when possible and beneficial into his study design. Bill is now responsible for the design and planning of long-term management and population monitoring programs for numerous conservation properties, perpetual management areas, and wildlife preserves. His expertise in the design process includes the preparation of baseline assessments and development of long-term management and monitoring plans. Because of this expertise, Mr. Haas has extensive experience evaluating the effects of large scale infrastructure endeavors including solar generation, electrical transmission, water storage, and water transfer projects as well as the critical analysis of the documentation prepared to support them.

Read Bill’s Résumé for additional information.

Land Management & Preservation

Korey Klutz, San Diego regional manager for The PCCA adds an additional layer of expertise with respect not only to land management and preserve planning but also permitting expertise. Korey has primarily been working in the field of Conservation Biology, highlighted especially in his position as adjunct staff for the County of San Diego in support of their North County Multiple Species Conservation Program. His land conservancy experience includes extensive experience with the Tejon Ranch Conservancy and the County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation and related contract work with the San Diego County Water Authority and San Diego Gas & Electric.