Conservation Easement Management

The PCCA is a 501(c)(3) (non-profit) corporation chartered by the Internal Revenue Service in 2003 to serve the public through scientific research and conservation lands management. With its 501(c)(3) charter, The PCCA works in the public sector specifically to provide open space, wildlife preserve, and conservation easement support. It is its 501(c)(3) status that allows The PCCA to hold conservation easements.

The PCCA provides a broad range of support services related to conservation easement creation and management. In short, in accordance with its IRS charter:

  • The PCCA is authorized to hold conservation easements.
  • The PCCA can take fee title to conservation properties when it is expedient, especially to remove liabilities from Home Owner’s Associations (HOAs), developers, land owners, and government agencies.
  • PCCA can provide short-term, long-term, and perpetual management responsibilities for preserve lands.

Document preparation

We have prepared documentation for more than 30 open space and wildlife preserve properties. We are adept at document authorship from ground zero, but comfortable also re-working existing documents in need of updating, and templates requiring site-specific tailoring. The PCCA can prepare a complete suite of legal records and management documents including:

  • Complete natural history and archaeological inventories
  • Baseline survey reports required for conservation easements
  • Perpetual and long-term land management plans
  • Facilities management plans (e.g., for preserve infrastructure components) when applicable
  • Supplemental plans (e.g., fencing and signage plans)
  • Property analysis records (PARs)
  • Conservation easements
  • Irrevocable letters of credit
  • Trust fund agreements including perpetual management financial assurance agreements
  • Endowment funding agreements
  • Transfer responsibility agreements

The PCCA can provide most of the services (excluding those requiring legal and accounting expertise) required for the conservation easement dedication process.

Read The PCCA Statement of Qualifications (SOQ).