Why Donate?

Why Donate to The PCCA?


  1. You can pick the program that will realize the benefits from your donation.
  2. Your donation allows you to choose not only from a variety of programs but you can also tailor your charitable giving to benefit the community of your choice. It’s your choice as to where you focus your gift to a program within three geographical areas (the greater Imperial Valley, the Central Coast region, or San Diego County) or you choose to support one of our broader research programs (e.g., the Western Spadefoot Project or our long-term Willow Flycatcher study), you make the choice of program and location.
  3. For every donation, we look for a matching sponsor to further increase the value of your donation by increasing the amount of funding your chosen program will receive.
  4. PCCA operates with extremely low overhead, which contributes to our ability to maximize the value of your donation.

Ease of Participation

  1. We streamline the donation process and do as much of the work as possible to make it easier on you.
  2. We strive with every donation to achieve a quick processing turnaround AND maximum benefit from your donation.
  3. You will receive all necessary documentation – for example, your receipt, our official letter to you acknowledging your donation, etc. – that will be required by the IRS and CA Franchise Tax Board to take full advantage of your donation in accordance with Federal and State tax laws.

How It Works

  • Simply use our Secure Donation Widget – chose an amount and decide if you want to support us with a recurring donation.
  • If you’re thinking about donating a non-cash item, use the following links, which will take you back to the appropriate questionnaire for a donation of Real Estate, a donation of Securities, a Life Insurance Policy, or other valuable
  • You can also complete our General Inquiry form so that we can discuss the donation process with you.
  • We will follow your inquiry with a response and, if requested, a recommendation for an appropriate fund or program.
  • If you intend to donate something other than legal tender, you (the donor) will be responsible for arranging a professional third party appraisal; the IRS and State will need this documentation in order for you to receive your maximum tax deduction.
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